Thursday, January 31, 2013

Space planning for the conference

Certain speakers and topics are in great demand at NGS conferences. We try to plan so that all attendees are able to attend their chosen lectures. However, there have been a few times in the past that the rooms could not hold all the attendees wishing to attend a particular lecture.

In an effort to avoid this happening in Las Vegas, there will be a large lecture room that accommodates more than 700 participants. This room will have a stage and large screen so that the speakers and their presentations are visible from all seats.

We are also asking you, the conference attendees, to help us plan with greater accuracy by letting us know the sessions you intend to attend. The confirmation e-mail you received after registering for the conference will guide you to Space Planning. There you may indicate the sessions you plan to attend. Your responses will help us to determine appropriate room sizes for the lectures. Please read the note in red at the top of the page for additional information about lecture rooms.

The Session Selection web page is a tool which will help us improve your conference experience. Session Selection is for planning purposes only. You do not have to attend the sessions you select if you change your mind. In addition, selecting a session does not constitute registration for, or guarantee, a seat in any regular session.

The Session Selection web page is for regular sessions that are included with registration. It does not apply to meals and other social events that require separate fees. Seats are guaranteed in all events when a separate fee was paid.

If every attendee will take a few minutes to mark their selections, NGS can more accurately predict audience sizes, determine room assignments, and improve the conference experience for all.


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