Friday, February 15, 2013

Exhibitor Profile-Family ChartMasters

Booth #411

Family ChartMasters, is the place to come for help in involving your family with their family history. We are an award winning genealogy chart printing service for any kind of genealogy chart imaginable. As the official printing service for most genealogy software and database companies, we  can print any style of chart from any kind of file. We offer oversized draft family reunion charts as well as custom decorative designs which come with an online preview system giving you great personalized attention.  

At NGS this year, we’ll be introducing our new books and online resources-Zap The Grandma Gap ( the tried and tested ideas that will help your family history go from snoring and boring, to exciting and inviting. Check out the free 52 week newsletters with great ideas for involving your children and grandchildren with their history and other free resources. With these new resources, Family ChartMasters will help you connect with your family and ground the next generations in inspiring stories and enduring family ties to their past.

And don’t miss Janet Hovorka’s lecture S419, “Magnifying Glass, Wide-Angle Lens or Telescope?  Charts To Visualize and Share Your Family Tree” at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, 11 May.  She will be sharing lots of ideas for how to create engaging charts that will enchant your family and create curiosity while honoring your ancestors.   

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