Sunday, March 17, 2013

Exhibitor Profile-Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department

Booth #437

Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department is a state agency with the mission of advancing Oklahoma’s exceptional quality of life by preserving, managing, and promoting the state’s unique natural assets and cultural amenities.  Oklahoma played a vital role in building the heart of the country with its rich past of pioneer settlers, land runs and the great cattle trails, the Indian removal saga and the commitment of the Buffalo Soldiers, to its fortune seekers following the oil boom and travelers migrating during the 1930s across Route 66.  With a state history this varied and layered, you may also discover your story here. 

Visitors will connect with people, places, and landscapes that are part of the diverse heritage and culture marked by legends such as Francisco de Coronado, Geronimo, and Will Rogers. 

Today, Oklahoma is home to thirty-nine federally recognized tribes and preeminent Western and pioneer history collections, drawing genealogy travelers to Oklahoma to explore their roots. makes it easy to uncover your family connection to this state that sits at the crossroads of our nation.

Our website offers a comprehensive listing of researching resources.  Brochure tools designed for genealogy research and travel opportunities in Oklahoma are also available.

Come visit us in Booth # 437 for a free Discover Your Roots Along Our Routes: Genealogy Travel in Oklahoma guide and other travel information.


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