Saturday, March 16, 2013

Speaker Profile-Mara Fein, PhD, CG

Mara Fein, PhD, CG, a professional genealogist, wrote her doctoral dissertation on "The Imperial Family, Domesticity, and Nationalism in the Victorian Novel."  Her Southern California research presently includes a history of William J. Hunsaker, pallbearer for Wyatt Earp and attorney for Earp's wife Josephine.  She offers the following peek into her Conference presentations.

As one advances in years, and spends, let's face it, an enormous number of hours on genealogical research, one realizes that names, dates and places make for a pretty boring family history. 

Of course, you need those facts.  And if you need them in Southern California, you should join me Thursday at 9:30 am for "Finding and Using Records in Southern California." We'll start with a bit of the history of Southern California at the state and county level.  Then we'll discuss the most useful resources.  No matter where you live, you'll leave knowing exactly how to access those records.

Since you also need to "flesh" out those ancestors, join me in "Imagining Our American Family" on Wednesday at 11 a.m.  We'll have a nice family discussion  ... we're all related, you know ... about what our ancestors meant when they talked about "the family."  Because ... and it shouldn't be necessary to say this ... they talked about it a little differently than many do today.  So come with me and examine how "family" was defined in European and American society through the years.  You'll leave thinking about those facts you've gathered just a bit differently.


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