Thursday, March 7, 2013

How to Choose? Nine Tracks Per Hour!

Speaker Jan Alpert
Photo by Scott Stewart
Have you checked the conference program to figure out which sessions you’ll be attending? If so, you’ve already seen how hard it is to pick just one session at a time from the nine tracks every hour. If you haven’t read the schedule yet, this partial list of tracks and topics included with conference registration is bound to whet your appetite:

GenTech: Eighteen lectures on photo restoration, search techniques, social media tools, genealogy software, Google Earth, online catalogs, Excel, ePublishing, Apps, Mac tools, face recognition, and photo tagging.

DNA: Five lectures on understanding DNA, surname studies, tracing all lines of descent, and solving mysteries with DNA.

The Law: Five lectures on tax and land laws, importance of knowing the law, and unusual punishments.

BCG Skillbuilding: Seventeen lectures on misleading records, interpreting symbols and abbreviations, deciphering unintelligible documents, evaluating family artifacts, records of the U.S. Congress, recognizing errors, research reports, and Emigrant Guides.

Methodology and Research: Thirteen lectures on forensic genealogy, Genealogical Proof Standard, solving research problems, tracing urban ancestors, elements of genealogical analysis, and kinship determination.

Records: Eight lectures on county histories, Army Corps of Engineer records, Library of Congress, government documents, and divorce records.

Ethnic Research: Lectures on Hispanic, Irish, Chinese, Japanese; five lectures on African American and five Native American lectures.

Demo: Thirteen lectures demonstrating products from RootsMagic, FamilySearch, Fold3, Family ChartMasters, MyHeritage, and ResearchTies.

Other tracks are Working with Records, Woman, California, Religion, Records Access, Military, The West, New York, Immigration, and more.

That’s 162 lectures!

Since nine lectures take place in each time slot, there may be times when you have to miss some sessions you would really like to attend. The syllabus will have materials for all lectures provided by speakers and audio CDs for most lectures will be available for purchase.

Register now at and choose your sessions later, or do it all at once. This is just for space planning, and you can change your mind if you decide you would rather attend a different session.

Whatever you do, be sure to register by 19 March, the early bird discount deadline!

So many lectures, so little time. [sigh]


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