Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Conference Challenge winner Denise Levenick

NGS held the Conference Challenge again this read. To read the details go to
Congratulations to Denise Levenick! Denise was one of two winners,
Thank you for sharing and we hope you enjoy your free registration to the NGS 2013 Family History Conference in Richmond, Virginia.

Challenge 1Fashion!
Tweet a picture that proves you met an attendee wearing a kilt.


Genealogy Dress Code: Hard Hats Required (kilt wearers exempt)!

Challenge 2Dining!
Tweet a picture that proves you dined with fellow genealogists.


No lunchbox & thermos needed at the BCG luncheon with Diane Gravel & Joan Peake.

Challenge 3Literature!
Tweet a picture that proves you checked out the latest publications or education releases at the NGS booth.



Checking out new tools for building bridges w/NGS publications.


Challenge 4Volunteerism!
Tweet a picture that proves you chatted with an ASK ME volunteer.

Found a helpful NGS Ask Me volunteer who fixed my specs without any tools! thanks Lenny!






Challenge 5Shopping!
Tweet a picture that proves you visited exhibitors whose company names have an “I” or “T” in them.


NGS2013 Exhibit Hall buzzing.Talked w/Treelines about gr8 new tool to build bridges betwn now/then.

Challenge 6Geekdom!
Tweet a picture that proves you attended a GenTech track lecture.


Spreadsheet as #genealogy tool for building bridges to ancestors' past w Jill Crandall.

Challenge 7Travel!
Tweet a picture that proves you really are in Las Vegas.




Yes, it's Vegas, Baby for #NGS2013. Ready to build new bridges.



Challenge 8Decorative Art!
Tweet a picture that celebrates the attendee with the most badge ribbons.




@walkingyourtree wins longest #NGS2013 badge WOW! She could build a bridge with those ribbons!

Challenge 9Networking!
Tweet a picture that proves you talked with current NGS board members.




Networking about building bridges with Pam Eagleson & Stefani Evans.





Challenge 10Celebrity!
Tweet a picture that proves you rubbed shoulders with a person featured in an NGS video.

Rubbing shoulders w/ NGS celeb Laura DeGrazia, she knows the best tools for NY Research.


Visit Denise at The Family Curator


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