Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kudos to the NGS media team

Kudos to the NGS media team who wrote, managed, and distributed NGS media before, during, and after the conference! Take a bow, Terry Koch-Bostic, for organizing NGS media; Julie Miller, CG, for writing and managing the new gold standard in conference blogs; Gayathri Kher for keeping conference attendees connected through a record number of timely social media feeds; Erin Shifflett for writing and distributing conference e-mails and serving as Conference Command Central; Diane L. Richard for adding buzz with UpFront publicity; and Phyllis Mathews Ziller for keeping us in grammatical style. Thank you all!

Guest blogger 
Stefani Evans, CG
Conference chair NGS 2013 Family History Conference

Photo Courtesy: Scott Stewart


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