Friday, May 3, 2013

Drink Lots of Water in Las Vegas

Most people know what a desert is, and most people know that Las Vegas is in a desert.

But many first-time visitors to Las Vegas don’t know what it means to them that Las Vegas is in the desert.
  • It means they’re unlikely to encounter bad weather, because Las Vegas averages only about four inches of rain per year.
  • It means that the sun shines brightly most days, so it is wise to wear a hat and sunscreen.
  • It means that most Las Vegas buildings are nearly always overly air conditioned (and cold), so they need to bring a jacket and sweater and dress in layers.
Most importantly, it means that they need to drink water. Lots of water. In Las Vegas’s desert climate the human body’s cooling system works overtime. Because visitors don’t feel themselves perspiring, they forget to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Also, people who are on vacation tend to sleep too little and consume salty foods, caffeine, and alcohol—all of which contribute to dehydration.

Many genealogists consider caffeine an essential food group, especially when they are sleep-deprived at a conference. NGS and the LVH are providing free water stations in every lecture room. These will be replenished throughout the day, so attendees will have a ready supply of fresh water at every session. All restaurants offer free water and the food concessions sell bottled water.

The Southern Nevada Health District suggests drinking one full glass of water per hour to avoid dehydration while visiting. NGS and the LVH ask you to take advantage of the free and plentiful water provided so you can stay healthy and enjoy the conference and Las Vegas!

For more information visit the Southern Nevada Health District

Thanks to Stefani Evans, Conference Chair, for this important advise.


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