Saturday, May 4, 2013

The 48 Hour Ephemera Challenge Is Going to NGS 2013 in Vegas!

By Caroline Pointer

The 48 Hour Ephemera Challenge is a forum of researchers from, at times, around the world who gather online together to find the story, or stories, behind a piece of ephemera within 48 hours using their experience, expertise, problem-solving skills, and online resources. Each weekend the forum is challenged to place the people mentioned in the ephemera back into history where they belong in hopes of returning the ephemera back to the family where it belongs.

Therefore, as Ephemera Whisperers, we are very honored and excited to be invited to the National Genealogical Society's 2013 Conference, Building New Bridges, as that is exactly what we try to do–help families build a bridge to their own personal history with ephemera.

There will be three 48 Hour Ephemera Challenges the week of the conference, and they will be hosted in the Internet Cafe which is being graciously provided by the National Genealogical Society, FamilySearch, and for all conference-goers to use. All those attending the conference as well as people at home are welcome to join the challenge as we collaborate online to solve the challenges.

All three challenges will either be Las Vegas-related or Nevada-related with the first one beginning Tuesday evening, the second one beginning Wednesday evening, and the third one beginning Thursday evening. Each challenge will last for 48 hours with the last one ending on Saturday. With your help, can the Ephemera Whisperers put these people back into history where they belong–in 48 hours? There is only one way to find out, and you have just been challenged!

For more information, please visit the 48 Hour Ephemera Challenge Forum or contact Caroline Pointer at cmpointer at


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