Thursday, May 2, 2013

Plan Ahead

Before you leave home, there are a few things you can do to prepare that will help make your conference experience more enjoyable.

Make Your Lecture Schedule
Decide which lectures you would like to attend. The daily schedule is available online at or in the NGS Conference Mobile App. The schedule includes information on whether the session is being taped or not, room location, etc.

Most lectures will be recorded. Attendees may assume that a lecture will be recorded unless it is marked with the "notes" symbol (see below). The “notes” symbol accompanies only sessions that will not be recorded. Please see the daily schedule grid inside the program. JAMB, Inc. will tape and sell lecture CDs during the conference.

In Conference Program indicates that the session will not be recorded. Please take notes.

Download Syllabus
To view and download syllabus pages for those lectures from the NGS website, go to Many speakers will refer to these pages in their lectures.
Note: Due to the large size of the file, please follow the instructions on the page to download and view the file successfully.

Print Syllabus Pages
Print pages of those lectures you plan to attend. You can also print pages from the syllabus at the LVH Business Center, but that could get expensive if you plan to print more than a few.


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