Friday, April 12, 2013

Exhibitor Profile-ResearchTies

Booth #125

ResearchTies, an innovative new research log, helps users record and organize all of their research objectives, searches, and results. With powerful searching and sorting capacity, this log provides immediate retrieval of all relevant documents for analysis and correlation.

The company’s purpose in creating ResearchTies is to improve genealogists’ research quality and efficiency. Until now, family historians have kept logs on paper, in word processors, or on spreadsheets. Inevitably, they searched through paper print-outs to try and figure out which searches had been done, what results had been found, and which documents were relevant to the question at hand.

In ResearchTies, users record a research objective, along with the sources to search to meet that objective. Data entry of search results is streamlined, allowing users more time to conduct actual research. Links to online results can be created, and digital images of documents can be uploaded.

After logging information in ResearchTies, genealogists use a powerful search engine to sort their work on multiple variables. Users quickly locate all documents for an individual, generate a "to do" list for their next research session, determine which record groups have been searched for a surname in various jurisdictions, and more. Most importantly, researchers instantly locate and open documents for analysis and correlation of their data.

An annual subscription for ResearchTies normally sells for $30, but NGS attendees will receive an introductory price of $25 for the first year.

Visit booth #125 or attend class W159 to discover the power of an online research log!


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