Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why NGS 2013? Why Vegas? 5 Reasons to Attend a National Genealogy Conference

By Denise Levenick, Guest Blogger and a NGS 2013 Conference Official Blogger

The first National Genealogical Society Conference I attended, held in Salt Lake City in 2010, marked a turning point in my understanding of genealogy as an academic field and as a profession. Until that event, I viewed genealogy as an enjoyable and challenging avocation. I didn’t know much about advanced research methods or about career opportunities for genealogists. And I didn’t know too many genealogists outside the West Coast.

If you are wondering, “Why attend a national conference?” here are a few take-aways from my experiences.

What I Discovered at the NGS Conference:

1. Regional and Subject Diversity–Larger conferences bring together experts on a wide range of topics all under one roof. You can learn about everything from technology to methodology, and from immigration to ephemera.

2. Networking–A large national conference like NGS attracts a broad group of attendees from throughout the country. This makes it an ideal opportunity to meet face-to-face with colleagues you may only know online or in virtual groups.

3. Insiders Guide to Local Research–Like regional conferences, national conferences offer a wealth of sessions targeting topics of local research interest. If you are interested in learning about research in a particular locale, attending a conference held in that area is one of the best ways to increase your knowledge of an area.

4. New Products and Services–The Exhibit Hall offers more than a genealogical shopping mall. It is a showcase for new databases, software, and products. I had a chance to try out services and take advantage of special pricing.

5. Inspiration and Enthusiasm–I love blogging and writing, but it’s a lonely occupation at times. I enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of conferences and always come home inspired by new ideas and the people I’ve met.

These are just a few of many benefits from attending a national genealogy conference. I know I’ll be discovering more in Las Vegas at the  2013 National Genealogical Society Conference.

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