Thursday, April 4, 2013

Speaker Profile-Harold Henderson, CG

Harold Henderson, of northwest Indiana and

My Friday afternoon talk is at 4:00 p.m., F351, “Are We There Yet? Proof and the Genealogy Police” in the BCG track. It  is about identifying a mysterious husband in Chicago and Ohio about a century ago. The case is not mind-bendingly difficult, which is fine, because that allows us to concentrate on how to work toward proof without having to keep too many detailed facts in mind. Lessons to consider include getting the most out of every source, not making up our minds too soon, when to plod and when to take a flying leap, and of course trying to figure out when we have proved his identity. This one hasn't been published, so you can't just wait and read the article!

Since genealogy is about convincing people – first our relatives, then our colleagues – we are all the “genealogy police.” And just like real police, we can quit too soon and miss the good stuff. I hope to see you there, but have a great conference in any case!

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