Saturday, April 6, 2013

Speaker Profile-William Ruddock

"Colonial New York Genealogy," Friday, 8:30 a.m., F307.  

When I first became interested in genealogy over thirty years ago, I was so excited to find my New England ancestors. I could open up the Dartmouth, Massachusetts Vital Records and find my ancestors by the hundreds. But now, if I find a resource with three generations of a branch of my family I say, yawn, oh well.  It’s only when I come upon an ancestor whose origins have stumped or confused the very best and brightest that I come alive. The challenge is on.  And trust me, in colonial New York research, there is no shortage of being stumped or confused!

This presentation will introduce you to the resources available for colonial New York research and how to access them.  Many of the records are in published form. However, some of what is available, such as records of New York’s manors, requires special effort and sometimes a willingness to travel. What will be found, if you are lucky, will be much, much more than names and dates. It will be meat on the bones.


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