Friday, April 26, 2013

Exhibitor Profile-Treelines

Booth #337

Are you one of the genealogists D. Joshua Taylor, a featured genealogist on Who Do You Think You Are?, is referring to when he lectures that genealogists are starting to emphasize sharing the stories of people’s lives over collecting the basic dates and facts? Then Treelines is the tool you’ve been waiting for!

Treelines is a brand new destination for genealogists to record and share our most treasured family stories using a fun and easy storytelling platform!

Already have a tree? Treelines will import the information you’ve spent years collecting and walk you through the step-by-step process of turning it into stories your family will love to read.   The website is an adjunct to the tools you’re already using, but more than that,  it will help you add meaning to your research like never before.

Or are you just getting started? Treelines guides users through the process of building family trees in a natural way as you write the stories you most want to share. You’ll end up with a record of not only the names and dates in your tree, but more importantly the family stories most worth passing on.

Treelines has also met Taylor’s aspirations for a greater emphasis on interactivity, multimedia, digital scrap booking, and communal sharing.  As genealogists themselves, the Treelines team has peered deep into the future of genealogy and hopes you’ll join their beta site to help advance this new vision of what a more meaningful, interactive genealogy experience can be!

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